Bring Evolution To Your School/Community For Darwin Day 2015!

Interested in bringing cutting-edge evolutionary science to your school and community?  Apply to be a stop on NESCent’s 2015 Darwin Day Roadshow.

NESCent (The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center) is an NSF-funded evolution research center.  To celebrate Charles Darwin’s contributions to science and society, we send our scientists on the road every year around “Darwin Day” (the annual, world-wide celebration of Darwin’s birthday on Feb. 12th) to talk to students, teachers and the general public about their research and career opportunities in science.  Our focus is on small, rural communities (i.e., places that wouldn’t likely have a Darwin Day celebration if they weren’t a stop on our Roadshow) and any schools with traditionally under-served students.  There is no cost to you, the teachers, and we’ll even leave you with a collection of evolution teaching resources!

For more information, and to apply to have your school considered, please visit or contact Jory Weintraub (jory at nescent dot org).  Applications are being accepted now through Friday, November 21st.



2 thoughts on “Bring Evolution To Your School/Community For Darwin Day 2015!”

  1. Schools are selected based on the applications they receive, and a state has a better chance of being selected as a Roadshow destination if they get multiple applications from all around the state, as this gives them more “bang for the buck”, as opposed to traveling from NC just to do a single school visit. So, it would be wonderful if you could help spread the word and get multiple applications from all across KS. And, just to reiterate, there is no cost to the schools/teachers visited, and they even leave schools with a nice collection of evolution teaching resources.

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