In My Classroom – #2

This year I am actually not teaching a general biology course, so my classroom materials this year will be mainly focused on my Forensic Biotechnology course…

Anyway, currently we are covering fingerprint individualization, so I have been using a cool activity to get students to analyze their own prints.


The kids blow a ballon up just enough to hold its shape and place a fingerprint on the minimally expanded rubber. When they blow up the ballon the rest of the way – PRESTO – enlarged fingerprint! At this point I have students mark the minutiae points that individualize their fingerprints. It is an easy and cool way to give students prints that are easy to analyze.

I’ll send the challenge over to Camden Burton.





2 thoughts on “In My Classroom – #2”

  1. This is awesome. I wonder if you could ink leaves to visualize leaf vein patterns… or what other small systems could be visualized with this technique. Thanks Chris!

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