Student Project on Genetic Research of Periodic Cicadas

What a research opportunity for my students but we need help from you, your friends and relatives!

Please ask relatives and friends in different states throughout the USA to collect cicadas for us. We ( my students and I) will ID and analyze DNA. Please post this request on Social media if you deem appropriate.

No we haven’t lost our minds. We just love research!

Collecting cicadas:
1) Grab them, they are harmless

2) Place them in an airtight container…old pill bottle, clean yogurt cup, not a drink cup…the hole for the straw allows air in. We don’t want the cicada to dehydrate. You may place several cicada in one container…just don’t overcrowd them or they damage one another as they move about.

3) Place the container of cicadas in the freezer (this kills the insect and preserves it for later study). Keep the insects frozen.

4). When you have 12-30 let me know. I will send mailing instructions.

States we are interested in: TN, OK, TX, CO, KS, NE, IA, IN, IL, MI, AR, AL, MI, MO, ID, AR, CA, OH, SC, NO, PA, ND, SD, UT, WY, MN, NM, MT, WI, NY, NJ, FL, GE

The list above includes the states we would like to know more about in terms of 17 and 13 yr cicadas. Some of the states listed have no record of emergence. If you live in additional state where cicadas are emerging we would appreciate your involvement.

Brood charts showing locations where cicadas are emerging and other interesting information about these amazing critters are located at:

Brenda Bott
Shawnee Mission School District Biotechnology Signature Program
Overland Park, KS