TBT: Miniposters

Editor’s Note: So far this semester, the most popular single post on the BioBlog is this September 2013 peer-review piece from our blogfather, Brad Williamson. Also this is a reposting of a reposting. Blogception!  Enjoy this, and if you use mini-posters in your classes, share your experience with us in the comments! This is a reposting … Continue reading “TBT: Miniposters”

Miniposters–authentic peer review

This is a reposting of a post that first appeared on the NABT BioBlog: Background and Rationale: Almost 20 years ago, I was fortunate to be invited to my first Bioquest Workshop at Beloit College. Maura Flannery covered the Bioquest experience in several her columns in the American Biology Teacher. These workshops challenge and inspire … Continue reading “Miniposters–authentic peer review”

Teaching Quantitative Skills using the Floating Disk Catalase Lab: Intro

I find it remarkable how deeply the biology education community has embraced the call to increase quantitative skills in biology.   This is certainly not an easy change to incorporate into our curricula and it is one that the community will be working on, tweaking and improving over time as our own instructional quantitative strategies … Continue reading “Teaching Quantitative Skills using the Floating Disk Catalase Lab: Intro”

Best Practice Simplified

At the EduCon 2.1 conference in Philadelphia, late this January, I came across the most profound, succinct, and employable explanation of “best practice” that I have ever seen.  I would like to make the argument that if all teachers in our schools employed this simple model, education would be revolutionized in this country.  On posters … Continue reading “Best Practice Simplified”