AP Biology: Contract

AP Biology Contract (08-09)

AP Biology presents a fantastic opportunity to vastly expand your knowledge of the biological sciences, to hone your laboratory techniques and writing, and to develop skills, habits, and knowledge that will prepare you for success at the University level and beyond. The following is a contract that defines your responsibilities pertaining to this course. Violation of this contract, as measured by poor performance within the first quarter, will result in your participation in a conference to determine your future within this course.

I, _______________________ (print name), understand that AP Biology is an elective class taught at an accelerated pace and advanced level of instruction. The class requires me to study outside of the classroom an average of ½ to one hour per day (not block). I will be responsible for reading the corresponding chapters from our textbook outside of class. There will be frequent quizzes over material to assure that I am being responsible and keeping up with the pace. I will need to complete projects outside of classroom time and do homework assignments that I will not have time in class to do. I realize that there will be homework over holiday breaks and will complete those to the best of my ability. I will be self-motivated and self-disciplined in order to excel in this course. I realize that attendance in class is essential to succeeding in this class and I will make every effort to BE IN CLASS EVERY DAY!

No curriculum modifications will be made to slow the pace or limit the level of instruction. My activities will not hinder my performance in this class and absences due to my activities will not give me an excuse to fall behind and/or need extra time to complete assignments. I will follow De Soto High School’s procedures in make-up work for absences due to activities or illness.

I plan to prepare for the AP Exam throughout the year, and to consider my classmates to be teammates collaboratively working towards a common goal.

I agree to this accelerated class, am looking for an academic challenge at the highest level, and have an understanding of the above-listed requirements of this course.

Name (student): ______________________________ Date: ________________

Name (parent/guardian): ________________________ Date: ________________



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