Adult Luna Moth Sighting

We have a Luna Moth laying eggs on one of our plants. These organisms are not “rare” in the conventional sense, but they are only adults for 7 days, and in this region, the adults are only active for 1 week in February, then another generation is active for one week in May, and the last generation of the year is active in August, so it is rare to capture an adult in this stage.
Adult Luna Moth
They are nocturnal, so during the day, if you find them, they simply latch, stock still, to the underside of leaves. We were able to pull the leaf upside down and get this incredible shot. It is right in our front yard, and so very beautiful.
They emerge from their cocoons without mouths. They mate, lay eggs, then starve, limiting their lives to one week as adults.
I suspect it will wake up at night and find another place to rest in the morning. I’m really happy my wife is diligent about her plant watering, otherwise we would have missed this.

2017 Spring Field Trip- Clinton Lake


We hope you will join us June 16-18th as the Kansas Association of Biology Teachers will be hosting members and nonmembers for our annual spring field trip. This year, we will be exploring Clinton Reservoir State Park, the Baker Wetlands, and the Kansas River. Camping will take place Friday and Saturday evening at Clinton Lake (Elm Group campsite is reserved, Bloomington East Camping Grounds).  There are some roads closed on the way out to the camping grounds. The easiest access will be to come from the north off of K-10. Detailed directions are posted in the Facebook Group.

Last-minute changes to the agenda will almost certainly occur. Please check our Facebook Group for updates. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email ( or, social media (Facebook or Twitter), or in the comments below.

17:00-19:30 Set up camp, eat dinner, socialize
20:00-TBD Insect Biodiversity Survey with area entomologists

09:00-12:00 Explore the Baker Wetlands– Bird Watching, Wetland macroinvertebrates (1365 N 1250 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66046)
PICNIC LUNCH at Baker Wetlands Discovery Center
13:00-16:00 Guided Hikes of the KUFS Trails, Fitch Biology Trail, Roth Trailhead (Meet at Roth Trailhead
17:00 Dinner in Lawrence (TBD)
19:00-dark “Road Cruising” for herps and other neat wildlife, canoeing in the reservoir

Break camp in the AM.
TBA-12:00 Bird watching and bioblitz

Clinton State Park is accessible from US-56 or K-10 highways, and Clinton Parkway. K-10 is conveniently connected to I-70, US-59, and I-435/I-35.
Clinton Reservoir State Park: 798 N 1415 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66049

Sternberg Museum Summer Science Camps

Fort Hays State University’s Sternberg Museum is providing another year of high-quality field experiences for students. They are offering courses for elementary, middle, and high school students, and even have international trips available.

The full catalog is available here. If you need more information, or are interested in one of the available scholarships, contact education director David Levering using the information below.

Greetings from the Sternberg Museum of Natural History! We are excited to offer our 2017 Summer Science Camps and Programs designed to immerse students in the wonders of Earth and life science!
The Sternberg Museum education and science staff presents experience-driven lessons and activities that get students directly involved in the process of science. We emphasize building knowledge, skills and the mental tools to deal with information and questions in a scientific manner.
Outdoor exploration is at the heart of our science camps and programs. Getting students outside interacting with nature, each other and instructors helps to anchor our lessons with powerful firsthand experiences. We look forward to sharing the wonder of science and exploration with you this summer!
David Levering
Education Director

Environmental Education Workshop at Baker Wetlands


Anyone else ready to start thinking about getting students outside to explore their local environment with all this nice weather? Need an excuse to get out to the amazing new Baker Wetlands Discovery Center? This workshop might be for you! February 12th and 13th, the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE) is putting on a short course for teachers of students Pre-K through grade 12. The course consists of 8 hours at Baker Wetlands and 8 hours online, and graduate credit is available through Baker University.  Questions can be directed to Ashlyn Kite-Hartwich from KACEE at 785-889-4384 or

Hope to see a lot of you out there!

KABT Spring Field Trip (Chautauqua Hills)


Hey everyone!


Last weekend, I was able to go on a scouting trip for our Spring Field Trip with Ken Davidson, and Stan and Janet Roth. Having spent most of my life around Kansas City or the Flint Hills, I was in awe of some of the neat things we explored. I cannot wait to show you some of the sites we have picked out for you. Highlights include the only recorded locations in the state of Resurrection Fern and Poison Oak, as well as Royal Fern and (hopefully) Mistletoe.

We are still trying to find the perfect campsite, but we are tentatively planned to overnight at Elk City State Fishing Lake, before making the short drive into Chautauqua County.

Friday Night 5/29: Camping and camaraderie

Saturday 5/30: Poison Oak and Royal Fern sites before lunch, Resurrection Fern site after lunch. Dinner in Sedan, KS. Road cruise for herps on the way back to the campsite.

Sunday 5/31: Break camp, hike/explore trails around Elk City State Fishing Lake.