Gen Bio Unit 1: Scientific Inquiry

Theme 1: Nature of Science

Unit 1 QBO- Scientific Inquiry (09-10)

Keywords: observation, qualitative data, quantitative data, inference, hypothesis, controlled experiment, independent variable, dependent variable, constant, evidence, theory, experimental design


  1. How is science used to answer questions about the natural world?
  2. How is the term “theory” used in science?
  3. What makes a hypothesis scientific?
  4. What types of data can describe observations?
  5. How are controlled experiments designed and what are they used for?
  6. What types of questions can science be used to answer? What types of questions can science not answer?


  1. Nature of Science Cube Activity
  2. Experimental Design Worksheet
  3. Experimental Design Analyses, using Experimental Design Scenarios sheet
  4. Seed Germination Inquiry Lab 


  1. Fast Plants research project

Further Research: scientific modeling, mathematical modeling, role of technology in science



3 thoughts on “Gen Bio Unit 1: Scientific Inquiry”

  1. I just created the Experimental Design Analyses and Experimental Design Scenarios activity, and I would like some feedback if the scenarios I created will work well for analysis. It’s okay that there are errors in the experimental design of the scenarios, since that is what #8 is for on the E.D. Analyses page. I would like help from the BioBlog community with identifying all of the potential errors in the design of each scenario, so I can help lead students to seeing the same. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

  2. Josie:

    Don’t forget–Scott wants input as you use it and a conversation on how each part can be optimized. He’s welcoming suggestions for improvement.


  3. This is a great resource for beginning and veteran teachers! I like the extension activities and that you are identifying the important terms and objectives they are responsible for learning. I look forward to continue using this resource throughout the year.

    ~J Stiles

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