Gen Bio Unit 5b: Mendelian Genetics

Theme 5: Reproduction and Inheritance

Unit 5b QBO- Mendelian Genetics (09-10)

Keywords– genetic recombination, traits, heredity, dominant, recessive, allele, genotype, phenotype, homozygous, heterozygous, monohybrid cross, dihybrid cross, Punnett square, genotypic ratio, phenotypic ratio, complete dominance, incomplete dominance, codominance, P generation, F1 generation, F2 generation, polygenic traits


  1. How can we predict what traits offspring will have?
  2. How can two purple flowers produce a white offspring?
  3. Why do siblings with the same parents look different than either parent?


1. Flower Breeding Hypotheses Worksheet

2. Genetics Problems WS (Level 1)

3. Genetics Problems WS (Level 2)

4. Create-a-Baby Lab


1. Genetics Problems Worksheet (Level 3)this sheet is extra-credit!

Further Research: sex-linked traits, Mendel’s pea studies, blood type prediction, how Mendelian genetics relates to biological evolution, polygenic traits, achondroplasia, sickle-cell anemia, sex-linked traits, genetics of common human traits, polydactyl, pedigree, albinism



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