Gen Bio Unit 5c: Molecular Genetics

Theme 5: Reproduction and Inheritance

Unit 5c QBO- Molecular Genetics (09-10)

Keywords: adenine, guanine, thyamine, cytosine, uracil, DNA, RNA, deoxyribose, ribose, nucleotides, genes, double helix, replication, translation, transcription, protein synthesis, mRNA, tRNA, rRNA, ribosomes, codon, amino acids, mutation


  1. What is the structure of nucleic acids?
  2. How does DNA double itself before mitosis?
  3. How does DNA determine our traits?
  4. How can mutations affect genes?


  1. DNA Replication Worksheet
  2. Protein Synthesis Worksheet
  3. Pipe Cleaner DNA Model
  4. Watch “Understanding the Power of Genes” and complete Understanding the Power of Genes Worksheet
  5. Genetic Engineering Project


  1. Human Genome Project
  2. Forensic Science
  3. Genetically Modified Foods

Further Research: insertion, deletion, promoters, termination signal, DNA “proofreaders”, Watson and Crick, Rosalind Franklin, point mutation, inversions, linkage groups, amniocentesis, chorionic villi sampling, colorblindness, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, genetic counseling, hemophilia, Huntington’s Disease, PKU



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