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Since 1954, Emporia State University’s Dept. of Biology has published annually “The Kansas School Naturalist”. KABT’s own John Richard Schrock is the editor of this fine resource. When I was a young teacher I coveted experienced teacher’s Turtox News and their Kansas School Naturalist. This publication features literally a one of a kind resource for many very relevant but sometime obscure topics of interest to biology teachers and their students. To fully appreciate and study the diversity of life on this planet, in this state where else are you going to find detailed information about snowflies, Kansas dragonflies (present-day and Permian), viruses, tardigrades or scorpian flies? Particularly, dear to me is an issue authored by my good friend, the late Charlie Drewes on toxicology studies. You can find a listing of the KS School Naturalists issues that are available online at: http://www.emporia.edu/ksn/

You’ll also find there a listing of all the issues published since 1954 so you can see how complete your collection is…..




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  1. Beth,

    I’m pretty sure they are but I’ll pass this on to John Richard Schrock so that he can answer himself…

  2. Are Kansas School Naturalist issues still being published? The last printed issue the Illinois Natural History Library received was vol. 53:2.


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