Natural History Semester II Final Project

Semester II Final Project Guidelines (X/50pts)/ Contract (X/15pts)

You will design an independent project that is nature-based. You can incorporate nature writing, photography, artwork, drawing, original scientific research, a physical building-project, garden project, etc, as long as it is nature-based. The purpose is for you to design and carry out a project where you will learn about and experience nature, while incorporating it into your own interests. You have a great amount of creative freedom here. Since all projects will be unique, you will also design your own grading rubric for your project, and detail what should be done at each level to achieve each grade. All contracts must be approved by me or the student receives a zero.

Detailed description of your project: (5pts)

Detailed timeline of your project: (5 pts)

Grading rubric for your project: EACH DESCRIPTION MUST BE VERY SPECIFIC!! (5 pts)

I (___________________________) will complete the following for the respective grades:

90-100% (45-50pts)

80-89% (40-44.9pts)

70-79% (35-39.9pts)

60-69% (30-34.9pts)

0-59% (29.9pts and below)

Semester II Final Project Ideas—If something here grabs your interest, please contact me and I can give you more guidance if you need. You will need to create a plan and timeline for any of these projects. Your entire project is due by the last day of school. This will count as a regular exam in the grade book! (50 pts)

– Plan out and plant a butterfly garden at school or your home.

– Participate in a trail maintenance project in West Woods

– Create and maintain a bluebird trail

– Build birdhouses to put up on property or a natural area at school or your home.

– Report or PowerPoint presentation about various ecological regions of Kansas

– Community service project related to Kansas ecology

– Report or PowerPoint presentation on a topic of interest in Kansas ecology.

– Original artwork in any medium focusing on the natural world.

– Create plaster molds and a field guide to mammal tracks of Kansas

– Make audio recordings of frog calls

– Make audio recordings of bird songs

– Visit a landfill and interview a person who works there. Present on your findings.

– Research, present on and implement “green living” ideas.

– Select an organism we studied this year, and interview a biologist who specializes in studying that organism.

– Interview a Kansas biologist about the effects of climate change on Kansas.

– Research ecological concerns surrounding the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant, and create informed recommendations about what should be done with it.

– Create your own field guide to the Fishes of Kansas

– Create an original research project of your choice/design

– Other…



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