Natural History Unit 11: Amphibians of Kansas

Unit 11: Amphibians of Kansas (Question-based Objectives)

Keywords– Smallmouth Salamander, Barred Tiger Salamander, Plains Spadefoot, Bullfrog, Plains Leopard Frog, Western Chorus Frog, Northern Cricket Frog, Gray Treefrog, American Toad, Woodhouse’s Toad, Great Plains Narrowmouth Frog


1. What are some of the amphibians that can commonly be found in Kansas, and what are some interesting things about them?

2. How are the amphibians of Kansas we’ll study related to each other?

3. How can frogs and toads of Kansas be identified by their calls?

4. How can amphibians tell us about the health of our planet?

5. How can studying animals’ development provide insight into environmental hazards for humans


1. Complete “Amphibians of Kansas Fact Find Questions”, using “Amphibians of Kansas Information PPT” and/or field guides.

2. Identify all species from “Amphibians of Kansas Practice PPT” (using Information PPT and field guides)

3. Create Amphibians of Kansas Classification Concept Map using “A Checklist to Kansas Amphibians”.

4. Complete “Kansas Frog and Toad Calls“.

5. Read “Frogs and Toads in Kansas” and complete “Frogs and Toads of KS worksheet”.

6. Complete “Alarming Frogs” activity.


1. Create pit traps to catch amphibians

2. Rainy night salamander census

3. Bullfrog behavior observation log

Further Research: evolution of Kansas amphibians, detailed research into any of the amphibian species we’ve studied, amphibian census at the school pond, record frog/toad calls, ride-along on a KAMP Route (see me for details), salamander metamorphosis study, toad toxin study, bullfrog metamorphosis study, chytrid fungus, SINC, Threatened, and Endangered Kansas Amphibians, etc.



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