Human Genome 10th Anniversary: Science’s Special

In February 2001, Science and Nature published two papers that provided the first detailed look at the nearly complete sequence of the human genome. Science is pleased to present a special month-long series celebrating the 10th anniversary of that momentous achievement, including News features and brief essays that explore the impacts of the genomics revolution on scientists and society.

Visit this special section of the online issue of Science by clicking on the image above, or view and save a pdf copy of the two parts of the series that have been published so far.  Each pdf contains a collection of brief essays that should be assessible by most high school biology students.

Dipity: Create an Online Timeline

Recently, I have been following Ed Yong on Twitter and was intrigued by his post, Research into reprogrammed stem cells at his blog, Not Exactly Rocket Science, housed on the Discover Magazine website. 

What intrigued me? 

Well, the “timeline” that he created for this post using the online generator at Dipity

I assumed that this online tool was pretty user friendly and I took a short time tonight to create a sample timeline containing one-event (Ed’s contains 25 with links to his history of blog posts on the topic), and a 3-page document with directions and screen shots for Creating a Timeline using Dipity.  For those that have used the Dolan DNA Learning Center’s DNAi website timeline to support student understanding of the history of molecular biology, Dipity will allow your students to demonstrate higher level learning through creating their own understanding of such history.

I don’t know what I am going to have my students create yet but this is definitely a tool worth exploring, and I am certain that students will have an enjoyable time being creative with Dipity.