Welcome to KABT’s web site!

This website is built using WordPress software and brings together three KABT blogs: KABT news–where you are now, KABT Board–where KABT’s Board will work and KABT Resources and Labs–where KABT members will share teaching resources and labs. You’ll find links to the different blogs in the right hand panel.

I (Brad Williamson) will administer the site but the content will be up to KABT board members and the KABT membership. KABT members and Board members, click on the register link under the “Meta” tag. You’ll be asked for your email and I’ll get a notice that you’ve registered. Once I get that notice, I’ll upgrade your permissions to authorship so that you can submit postings. We’ll have to do the same registration process for the KABT Resources and the KABT Board.

As a KABT member you’ll able to comment or ask questions on the different posts and hopefully the author will get back to you. For now, (at least until too much spam occurs) anyone can register to comment but your first comments will go through an approval period.

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