Cow Farts and Global Warming: What a Gas!

What a Gas!

Storyline Unit

Jesi Rhodes and I presented “Cow Farts and Global Warming: What a Gas!” to the 2021 KABT Fall conference. If you didn’t get a chance to look at all the resources & video archive that Drew Ising (conference co-chair and KABT social media chair) posted, I wanted to make sure you knew they were there. Check out the Kansas Association of Biology Teachers” FB group.

PLUS, we wanted to directly share our “Cow Farts” with everyone. Fermentation, digestion, greenhouse gases, engineering practices/solving global emissions, comparative anatomy, ecology and more! I’m a new convert to storylining – big fan of the student driven practices!

Fart around with us! If you have ideas for other things to add to the unit, pop me an email. Contact info is in the unit Google Doc.

Full unit PLUS how to storyline resources

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