Membership Application

PDF for download:

KABT Membership Application

KABT Membership Application

Print and complete the following form. Mail it along with your check to the address listed below.

Name: ________________________________________________
(Mr.-Mrs.-Ms.-Miss – Dr.) First Name, Last Name

Home Mailing Address: _____________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: ___ Zip: _________ – _____

School/Institution: ___________________________________________

Position: __________________________________________________

City: ______________________ State: __ Zip: __________ – _______

Phone: Work (____) ____ – _______ Home: (____) ____ – _______

FAX: (___) ___ – _____ Email Address: __________@___________________

Enclosed Dues For KABT $15 / Year—Life Membership Available For $300

National Association of Biology Teacher Dues: $79.00 / Year

Dues Payment For Next Year Must Be Received Between Dates Of June 1st to September 30th. Dues Received On Dates Preceding June 1st Or After September 30th Will Be Applied To Current Year

Make Check Payable To KABT – Tax ID #: 48-0945206

Send Dues and Form To:

KABT c/o Darian Robbins

14545 W 127th St

Olathe, KS 66062

3 Responses to “Membership Application

  • How do we check our membership status? I paid for 3 years, but can’t remember when. I still get the post cards, so, figured I was still member, but we don’t get any other information. So, could someone check my membership and let me know if I need to renew?



  • Paula Donham
    14 years ago

    Absolutely – just use the application received at KATS Kamp and send the application and your check to me (KABT Treasurer) and you’ll get the balance of this year’s membership fees waived when you pay for the 2008-09 membership year.

  • kmarchin
    14 years ago

    I would like to sign up, and got the form at KATS camp, but did not have checks with me. Can I still send it and receive membership for this summer and next year?