Teaching Stats in AP Biology or any Biology for that matter?

April2014 PD

A reminder:
On Saturday, April 26th I’ll be putting on a free half-day workshop that will explore alternative statistical methods for AP Biology classes. These alternatives are simulation models and resampling models. It is my contention that once you and your students develop these skills you’ll find they will work for almost all the analysis one needs for AP Biology. Even cooler—the models are easier for students to understand than trying to explain why those tables they look up work. The models actually are not math intensive. Using these models will help your students develop a good understanding of analysis/statistics and what the heck a p-value really is. And, the models work for almost all types of data. No need to decide which test to use. Finally, these models line up with the goals Common Core mathematics new emphasis on models, analysis and probability.
If you are interested, register with Katrina Rothrock. (You’ll find her email listed in the attached flyer) Even if you don’t register and find yourself free on that day, stop by and take part.

One Response to “Teaching Stats in AP Biology or any Biology for that matter?

  • I’m pretty excited for this workshop. Understanding the difference between a X square value, a t value, p value, degree of freedom, and on and on is pretty difficult when they have no conceptual understanding of where those numbers are originating…