Biomolecular Modeling

With the new NGSS rollout, the science and engineering practices have become a major topic of interest and relevance. Through an application and selection process at MSOE and 3D Molecular, Inc, I was selected to be a part of a group of teachers receiving training on Drugs, Drug Targets, Neural Processing, and Drug Addiction. During the NIH-funded seminar, I learned a great deal about the power of modeling and effective methods of implementation. Whether you have the resources to purchase models or make them on your own, using models in the biology classroom is a great way to enhance your students’ education, embrace the new standards, and provide opportunities for critical thinking on hard-to-grasp concepts.


Models-Based Science Teaching by Steven W. Gilbert: 

Biomolecular Modeling, MSOE

3 Responses to “Biomolecular Modeling

  • krtuel
    9 years ago

    Lin, my students are doing a project where they develop a veterinary Target Product Profile (TPP). I think the models you showed will be a wonderful preface to our project.

    What is the name of the drug interaction modeling kit you would recommend?

  • Andrew Davis
    9 years ago

    I really enjoyed this, and now see many more engaging ways of engaging my students in molecular biology and usong models to explain membranes, drug delivery, etc.

  • Thanks for sharing. This is always a difficult section in biology for students to understand. I think the models would be very helpful for students.